iShook SHK Coin: Social Media, Books, And Content Blockchain

If you are a writer of books, articles, or even novels and short stories, then your work is copied and paste by someone and he claims that it is his original content, then how do you feel?

If you are a person who has a hobby of reading then you want to member good reviews on the author for his good work, what if the case as above? The good reviews, which should be directed to the authors, are fixed on the perpetrator of the copy paste. Although only a review is not that valuable to a writer? The good reviews are a tribute to him that will improve his reputation in the writing world.
iShook SHK Coin
This time, our team will write a review about one very unique Platform, named by iShook Platform. A familiar platform for iOS users as well as available Web Platforms. This platform already contains tens of thousands of e-Books on iOS devices and has reached 120,000 times the download.

What Is iShock?

iShook works with English Gardners, which has grown to become a worldwide wholesaler of books, eBooks, music, and films. Their shares are the most extensive in terms of physical English media products in Europe, as well as 1.6 million + eBooks available for instant fulfillment to consumers. So this is not about launching or introducing the "Newly Born" Platform even this is a long-standing platform. The iShook Management Team is currently upgrading by implementing Blockchain Technology and extending its reach to other Operating Systems including Android Devices.

iShook, for now, is a platform dedicated to writers. Author of Books, Articles, Short Stories, and so forth. Be that as it may, later on, iShook will turn into a substance biological system where each medium of innovativeness can produce benefit. IShook is among the principal content sharing biological community on the blockchain to associate substance makers with their groups of onlookers.

With their stage, the group intends to give clients rich substance, while likewise conveying works from distributors and book retailers. The substance biological community gives end-clients a stage that acknowledges distributed installments for system and substance introduction. Consequently, iShook is conquering any hindrance amongst makers and purchasers.

Benefits From iShock

Those with a talent in composing can distribute their work on iShook. At that point, the work can be gotten to and delighted in by different clients. At that point, the peruser can give a survey or evaluation of the substance he has delighted in. Extraordinarily, amongst scholars and perusers can communicate specifically through the Q and A component that is now accessible.

iShook looks to enhance its system to give offices and host computerized substance and increment the permeability of its makers. Rather than content makers losing their work because of excessively numerous circulation systems and web-based social networking channels, iShook will give a solitary informal organization entryway amongst journalists and watchers.

For instance, an essayist at iShook can distribute his work at a little yearly cost as opposed to an expense for each activity, and the writer would then be able to gain cash on their work, and after that achieve the watchers specifically on the iShook stage. A peruser would then be able to devour content specifically from the creator and offer their contemplations and bits of knowledge straightforwardly through the person to person communication stage gave by iShook. In this manner, iShook is an entire stage. There's The principle informal communication stage, News, blogging, and articles, and E-commerce stores.

Token Information

To realize the above-mentioned development, iShook will open up opportunities for anyone who wants to invest through Crowdsale (when the Crowdsale commentary is underway and 24 days left). iShook will give birth to iShook Token for it. Token ERC20 based on Blockchain Ethereum. The iShook Token to be published later is 1 Billion Token (Fixed Amount) with the following allocation details.

  • 570 million 57% will be allocated to Crowdsale.
  • 360,000,000 36% will be locked in iShook Token wallet.
  • 30,000,000 3% for Payment Vendor.
  • Advisors 35,000,000 3.5% for Advisors.
  • 5.000.000 0.5% for Marketing.
More information about this ICO, you can visit the official website here :

User ID : Portal Artikel
User ID Bountyhive : Portal Artikel
BTT Address :;u=1297556
ETH Address : 0x05ce48DBD847c3d7012D63b5A7a2A7d7dDB7CA2a

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