Alt.Estate ICO: ALT Token Real Estate Tokenized Marketplace

Are you an investor who wants to own property or villa property in somewhere? But the funds you have is not enough to buy it because the price is too expensive, then this article will provide solutions to the problems you have.
Alt.Estate ICO
In the current development of Blockchain technology, more and more benefits are given to many different industries. And even in the development of current blockchain technology, all real assets like real estate, land, commodities, and others can be in tokenization. Tokenization means that all these assets are made into digital tokens, making them easier to trade and have higher liquidity.

A real estate asset is the most profitable asset because the price of this asset will continue to rise. But now investors who can sell real estate assets are just big investors, but with the existence of blockchain and tokenization technology then anyone can sell and sell real estate assets, even with a capital of $ 100. A marketplace platform called Alt.Estate will allow it all with support by Blockchain technology.

Get to know the Alt.Estate Platform

Alt.Estate is a marketplace platform protocol and platform supported by blockchain technology that allows tokenizing real estate assets into digital tokens and trades on platforms. Real estate assets that have been tokenized will become easier to trade and have higher liquidity. With blockchain technology, real estate assets are tokenized and made into digital tokens into fractions and based on cm2 size. With this marketplace, everyone can easily build their own global portfolio of the best properties around the world.

The reason for the organization is to fabricate your own overall portfolio that is based around the land. Also, to in the long run enable you to end up a standout amongst other land head honchos of the world. It has breakdowns for various sorts of housing you can buy and put into. For instance, a portfolio could contain a USA, townhouse, Japanese Home, Paris Apartment and Bali Villa. They will then give you your aggregate land portfolio worth and esteem.

With the tokenization into real estate assets, this asset can be traded with smaller funds, even for only $ 100, so that all good investors from the bottom to the top can sell real estate assets, which is usually the only asset can be purchased only by large investors only. Through the Alt, Estate platform, this Asset will be broken into a digital token based on cm2, so investors can then buy it with a smaller fund, for example 1/1000 of the real estate price and investors do not have to buy all the property assets, just 1/1000 only.

Thus tokenization provides benefits in the real estate industry, where these assets can be converted into digital tokens and broken down, so that lower-middle-level investors can sell these assets without having to buy an entire property, either by a thousandth or a hundredth of the price of the property.

What Are The Benefits Provided by Alt.Estate?

And with the global platform of Alt.Estate, agencies and individual individuals can buy or sell fractions of their property without having to worry about borders. Everyone in this world can participate in trading real estate assets around the world with better liquidity. The benefit of tokenization is that it is possible to break real estate assets based on the size of cm2 into digital tokens, making it easier for traders to trade and we can trade these assets with only minimal capital, even just $ 100.

In addition, this platform uses Blockchain technology to provide high transparency and security. And also provide trade transaction fees are much cheaper, if compared with the traditional way then there is usually a fee up to 30%. Tokenization will also provide better liquidity so that all investors are easier to trade real estate assets. In addition, this project is managed by a team and founders who have a lot of experience in the real estate industry. In addition, trading of real estate assets on this platform is P2P (Peer-to-Peer) so it can eliminate third parties, and all will get transparency as well as liquidity.

Currently, there are already some projects that have a goal to tokenize real estate assets, but Alt.Estate has better products and services, under the can see the difference between the platform. The stage is likewise intended to give clients a definitive level of security and insurance. Also, with due perseverance, there is a methodology that that happen before the token offering and disseminated stockpiling of all the significant information that has been gathered and given by means of extra insurance.

Token Information

Token Name: Alt. Estate
Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 ALt
Price: 1 Alt = 0,0001ETH
Purchases: ETH
Type: ERC20
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Bonus: 20% (PreTDE)
Crowdsale: 5%

More information about this ICO, you can visit the official website here :

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