Peur ICO (PURC), Blockchain Marketplace Cryptocurrency


The retail world has changed dramatically over the last few decades. By 2018, e-business supplies have reached one-tenth of all retailers worldwide, valued at more than $ 4 trillion by 2020. Worldwide shopping center offerings are developed annually with double-digit numbers and they will sooner or later perform.

Although business development in the field of e-commerce continues to increase, the industry is struggling with problems. Some of these problems are a sender and dishonest goods, in addition to the high approval and exchange process and the inability to recognize the rapid development of blockchain innovation.
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[Token Details]

Token : PURC
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Price in ICO : 1 PURC = 0.000125 ETH

[ Bonus ]
Pre-sale (Day 1-7)
10 %
Phase 1 (Day 8-15) 5 %
Phase 1 (Day 24-31)3 %

[Investment Info]
Min. investment : 1 ETH
Accepting : ETH, BTC, DASH, LTC
Distributed in ICO : 65%
Soft cap : 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap : 25,000,000 USD
Token for sale : 130,000,000

Peur, Blockchain Marketplace Cryptocurrency

Peur is another framework for executing financial matters in a decentralized ecological community. Peur is upheld by the development of computerized resources into a benefit that can be acquired by vendors or shippers. With this framework, clients will be less demanding to extend their market. At that point, if the group keeps on developing, the prevalence of the Peur market will increment.

Problems arise related to the low level of trust and fame of the organization, which is a major factor in the high enthusiasm of individuals to purchase products from the organization. Trust is something important that the organization must claim, trust is a magnet that affects the gains of a group.

The mission of the Peur project is to create a decentralized work cycle throughout the world as well as a commercially centrally managed cycle. Peur uses blockchain innovation of Ethereum to be able to run the project so that the transaction plays its capacity will happen faster, not too demanding and easy. Peur is also eager to create a web-based business that supports the growth of the sender and makes tokens in the light of Ethereum as a way of life today on the planet.

Peur will guarantee your business runs unmistakably and easily. It doesn't make a difference whether your business is little, or a multinational business, and so on. Peur will make an adaptable and without hands finance framework. This accommodation is likewise bolstered by brilliant contracts that empower precise installment frameworks, quick and exact installments and estimations, and give exchange and money related reports.

By utilizing Peur as an answer in your E-trade business, the advantages of security can be yours. One of them with the Peur treasury wallet. This wallet is extremely secure on the grounds that it is ensured by three layers of security conventions. The three conventions are finger examine, scanner tag, and Google Authenticator. So you don't need to stress over hacking or takeover account by flippant gatherings.

Peur Premium will give assurance against your protection. Peur will limit the misfortune and harm that can be caused by outside reason. You just pay 5% charge to get this assurance with terms and conditions. Charges for each exchange is just 1-2%. Also, to help the development of Peur individuals' advantage will give compensates as focuses that can be traded for items or vouchers.

Peur has formulated a decent advertising technique through a few phases. The organization will start in the main stage around January to March 2017. In mid-2017, the main period of improvement will be led. at that point, ICO will be held in April 2013. At that point, commercial center and gathering will be propelled in February 2019. Advancement at that point keeps on being done until 2020.

BTT ID : Portal Artikel
BOUNTYHIVE : Portalartikel
BTT Address :;u=1297556
ETH : 0x05ce48DBD847c3d7012D63b5A7a2A7d7dDB7CA2a

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