Safein SFN ICO : Single Sign-On Digital ID & Payment Wallet

Quick development of online business stays relentless. Notwithstanding, the industry itself is as yet ready for changes as developing concerns mount over information security, cybersecurity, tax evasion and restraining infrastructure of various areas.

Besides, shopping on the web isn't just troublesome, it's likewise needlessly convoluted. Think, for instance, of all the rehash enlistments, confirmations and secret word recuperations trailing the every day online client encounter.

We trust that obsolete innovation is to be faulted for these issues. As needs are, we believe the time has come to settle this by grasping an advanced method for dealing with your online character and the shopping background.

Know More About Safein SFN

Safein gives you a chance to join, sign in, and pay with a solitary snap while remaining responsible for your own information. It's a solitary sign-on advanced personality and installment wallet. You can utilize Safein to hold, spend, and exchange cryptographic forms of money or fiat monetary forms.
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You can attempt Safein for yourself today by going by It's additionally accessible to download from the Google Play Store today as an Android application.

By and large, Safein portrays itself as "a progressive method to pay on the web." However, it's something other than a wallet: sites can utilize Safein to approve the character of clients, for instance. You can gain admittance to sites with a solitary snap without upsetting enrollments or lost passwords. Safein will convey your information to new sites for you, which implies you can agree to accept a shiny new site or online administration with a solitary snap.

How Does Safein Work?

Pay with Fiat or Crypto
Once you're signed in with Safein, you can make installments without giving any additional data. You can store your cash in conventional monetary forms – fiat monetary standards – or any cryptocurrencies. Safein will naturally change over and convey finances in the trader's favored way. Each installment is handled inside the limits of Safein, influencing them moment, to secure, and shabby.

Control your Data
Safein gives you a chance to control your information, which implies you generally recognize what sites think about you. You can login online secretly or just offer information that the site truly needs. You don't need to experience a complex login process and enter similar information each time you agree to accept another online administration. In addition, you can renounce information get to for all time with a solitary snap.

Easy Dashboard
Safein has a web board where clients can control their entrance benefits. You get to the board through a versatile application or web program. Through this board, you can see your whole movement history, including enlistments, logins, and installments.

Gain admittance to Websites with a Single Click
Safein enables clients to join and log in to new sites with a single tick. You can stay away from repetitive enlistments and passwords. After you support (with a solitary snap), Safein will convey your information to new sites for your benefit.

What Problems Does Safein Seek to Solve?

Safein looks to take care of various significant issues with the present online administrations – including especially web-based business stages. A portion of the recognized issues include:
  1. Isolate accounts are required for every site
  2. You have to over and again check your record
  3. You pay high preparing expenses and exchange charges
  4. There's the danger of extortion and chargebacks
  5. Exorbitant individual information mining is an issue, and you don't generally comprehend what an organization does with your information in the wake of agreeing to accept a record on the web

Highlights and Benefits

Safein intends to tackle the majority of the issues recorded above with the accompanying highlights and advantages:
  1. A single record for any site
  2. One-time ID check for all sites
  3. Minimal effort or free administration for token holders
  4. Hazard free installments
  5. Full control of your own information

How Do Safein Tokens Work?

Every movement of Safein clients is compensated with Safein tokens or SFN. Safein will likewise develop its userbase with SFN tokens, giving liberal referral remunerates in SFN. You get paid SFN tokens while alluding new clients to the stage.

Clients who pay with Safein tokens will get a month to month cashback rewards. Additionally, certain tokens will be dispensed to a login pool, and that login pool will boost Safein use among clients and sites.

The Safein SFN ICO

The Safein ICO is booked to start on March 20, 2018. The ICO will have a delicate top of 4000 ETH and a hard top of 12,500 ETH.

The swapping scale will be set at 1 ETH = 9000 SFN. SFN tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. There's an aggregate supply of 1 billion SFN tokens, with 100 million tokens accessible amid the token deal (10% of the aggregate supply).

Of the rest of the supply of tokens, 60% is set for an organization hold finance, 10% for the Safein enlistment pool, 10% for the Safein group and counselors (with a 6 to two year lockup period), 5% for the Safein login pool, and 5% for the Safein referral program.

More information about this ICO, you can visit the the official site here :

Safein Team Projects

Safein was made by prime supporters Vladas Jurkevičius (Business), Audrius Slažinskas (Legal), and Lukas Deksyns (Operations).

Preceding propelling the organization, the Lithuania-based group helped to establish Atlantis Games, a Lithuania-construct eSports stage centered in light of approval and installment related tasks. That organization is as yet dynamic, and the group keeps on holding their official level positions with the organization. Both Atlantis Games and Safein were established in 2017.

Vladas likewise beforehand established HELIS, which developed to a group of 80 individuals in under a year subsequent to being established in January 2016. HELIS represented considerable authority in high development substantial scale online business extends in eSports and virtual in-diversion economies.

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